The Adventure of Our Faith

This blog is about missions–but even more so, it is about pursing an adventurous faith.  We live in a generation in which the Gospel is being more effectively communicated around the world than at any other time in history–and in a generation where physical persecution is real in many parts of the world and the persecution of silence is real in the historical Christian parts of the world.  We struggle with silence, with breaking that silence, and proclaiming that Jesus Christ makes a difference in the way that we spend our time, engage our relationships, and use our money.  The Christian life is not about the “pursuing the dream of success” and the good life, but rather it is about living as citizens of the Kingdom of God.

This faith is adventuresome and bold;  it engages the world with confidence and authority; it is full of life and hope, not defeat and despair.  I am convinced that God has called us to engage in missions, either by sending, going, or partnering, in order to exercise our spiritual muscle.  Without exercise, the Church grows flabby and weak.  Missions is not easy–but neither is working out in the gym!  So I invite you to join the adventure of faith, to engage the world with the heart of God and the word of the Gospel.



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