Central Florida Honduras Commission |

The Diocese of Central Florida’s Honduras Commission has a new website:  it’s very well done.  Bp Allen was at Diocesan Convention giving an update on the Diocese’s efforts to become more self-sufficient.  It has been a difficult task taking responsibility not only for raising income, but also for implementing decisions that encourage and reward local ministry.

Furthermore, there have been several news reports just recently about the increase in crime in Honduras.  Some reports blame the crime on last year’s dramatic changes in the presidency–while others point to patterns that began before the presidential crisis.  In both scenarios, the fact remains that the crime rate is increasing.  Furthermore, the challenge is before the Church to proclaim the hope of Jesus Christ and the sanctification of lives, as individuals and in the community, that comes from the grace of Jesus Christ.  Pray then for Bp Allen and the diocese to be able to stand tall for Christ Jesus, that their own efforts at growing in maturity would be a witness and a beacon of hope to the  community at large.  Thank you.

Central Florida Honduras Commission |.


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