Healing Mission to the Dominican Republic

The Revd Robin Morical, a priest here in Central Florida shares this news of an upcoming mission in the DR, and her participation on  the mission team.  There’s a bit more information at http://www.amazinglovehealing.com.
Dear Friends,
With great excitement I am looking forward to going on a healing prayer mission trip to the Dominican Republic on March 23-31, 2012. Our team will be presenting a 3 day healing prayer conference to the Anglican Episcopal clergy and then go to various churches, teaching and ministering healing prayer as arranged by Bishop Holguin.

Amazing Love Healing Ministry and the Anglican Episcopal diocese of the Dominican Republic are uniting to bring hope and healing to the DR through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our team of ten, led by The Rev. Sharon Lewis, will be teaching, sharing, and applying the basic principles of the healing prayer ministry to the people of the DR during this 8-day period. I will join the team following our Bishop’s Consecration.

We know from life that wounded people wound others, but healed people, through Jesus Christ, heal others. The Love, Healing, and Reconciliation of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. As Christ’s wounded healers, this is the Good News we bring.  I am asking for your support as I prepare to go to the Dominican Republic:

First of all, the whole team needs your prayers. As we allow God to knit our own hearts to those of the Dominican people, pray for relationships with them, safety in our travels, and God’s anointing through the teaching and ministry to heal wounded hearts and bring reconciliation to relationships and families.

Financial support is needed as well, as I am to raise the $900 for my airfare, lodging, transportation, and food. Each team member is responsible for seeking their own support in advance of our departure.  Donations may be made directly for my support. Checks should be made to: Amazing Love Healing Ministry with Dominican Republic Conference written on the memo line. Please include a separate note designating my name and that the support is for my trip expenses unless supporting the team as a whole. All donations are tax-deductible. To comply with IRS regulations and receive a tax credit, please do not place my name on the check. If for any reason we are unable to travel, your contribution will still be used for the ministry and you will still receive the tax credit unless Amazing Love Healing Ministry is notified otherwise.

Please mail donations to: Amazing Love Healing Ministry, c/o Debra Reed, 19641 Tammy Lane, N. Ft Myers, FL 33917. Contributions may also be made directly through the website at: http://www.amazinglovehealing.com.
Thank you for considering my request for support. May God richly bless you and keep you, today and always. I am available by for further discussion/questions.
In Christ’s Love, Robin+
The Rev Robin E. Morical
rmorical@gmail.com / 407.234.8771


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