Forty Tales: An Introduction

One strategy for Orality is the use of a Chronological Bible; one of those chronological Bibles is called Forty Tales.  It is a collection of forty stories or events from Scripture brought together to provide a synthesis of the whole Biblical drama, highlighting key themes.  The following is the introduction to an adaptation of the Forty Tales by the Dong team at Church of Our Savior for Lent 2011, designed to help members consider what it is like to engage the Scripture for the very first time.

This current conversation prompts me to consider using the same Forty Tales (or a similar collection) as a tool within our parish, e.g. alongside our evangelistic course, Who Is Jesus, Anyway?, to assist un-churched and newly churched persons to grasp the big picture of Scripture.  Bible storying advocates recommend that each location regularly review the list of stories used in that location and revise it according  to the needs of that specific community.  There are after all hundreds of stories and events in the Scriptures from which to choose those that help build the big picture effectively.  This Handbook is a quick introduction to choosing stories and events.



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