The Global Church, Partnerships and the Unreached

Archbishop Duncan (ACNA) and Presiding Bishop Zavala (Southern Cone) have announced a renewal of a diocesan partnership between Pittsburgh (Anglican) and Chile.  This is an example of the Church being a Global Church.  It is a humbling experience to discover that we (whoever the “we” we are) are not the whole Church; and it is an empowering experience to discover that we are part of a Church that is much bigger than we are!  When we partner with the Global Church, our faith is sharpened and strengthened.

But I do add a word of caution.  We can only have “partner Churches” or “partnership programs” where there is already a Church:  yet fully a quarter of the world’s population live in ethno-linguistic people groups who have no Church and no access to the Church catholic in their own language and culture.  We cannot develop Church partnerships in these places.  We can, and must, develop strategic efforts to plant and nurture the Church.  Organizations like Anglican Frontiers, Global Teams, Church Missionary Society, Crosslinks and Overseas Missionary Fellowship are looking to develop these kind of creative efforts.  The doors are open for the Church to proclaim the Light of Christ.


Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.


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