Archbishop Focused on Mission | The Christian Post Singapore

This is a great article not only about the new Archbishop of South East Asia, the Rt. Rev. Bolly Lapok–but also about the maturing identity and mission of the Province of South East Asia.  Bp. Lapok has an MA in Missiology from the University of Birmingham, UK and cross-cultural experience in Malaysia and Brunei.

When his predecessor, the Rt. Rev. John Chew was consecrated, the Province immediately convened an international symposium on missions in South East Asia.  The Province is actively involved in nine countries and in partnerships with believers in many other countries.

Bp. Lapok and the Province demonstrate the maturing of a Church with a missionary vision.  That framework and identity are key to the way in which South East Asia navigates the conflict and controversies in the Communion.  Mission, evangelism, conversion, church-planting comes first:  such spiritual activities strengthen the Body of Christ to resist the diseases of distraction and dissension.

Archbishop of South East Asia Focused on Mission | The Christian Post Singapore.


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