Prayers from New Wineskins

I just received a note from Sharon Steinmiller asking for prayers for the next New Wineskins conference which will be just after Easter in 2013!  Also read on Facebook this morning, one missionary in one country saying “see you at New Wineskins” to another missionary in a second country (all while I am sitting here in Florida; isn’t that remarkable?!)  But we need to be praying for the logistics, the details,  the invites, the publicity, the reservations, the money, the parishes, the missionaries, even the weather–so that Sharon and her team can discern what God’s purposes are for this Conference.

I am posting here a copy of this week’s “Prayer Today For…” from  the New Wineskins website.  It is a quick way to begin to see how many different  mission minded people are connected through New Wineskins.  That in itself is one of the pleasant challenges (and opportunities) for New Wineskins–when New Wineskins was first started as the Episcopal Church Missionary Community, it was a network of Americans going out from the US:  TODAY New Wineskins is the single largest international connecting point of and for Anglicans working in missions.  The conferences attract 1000 participants (even when the weather interferes with travel plans) from  the US and Canada, Asia, Africa, Europe, Central and South America.  So,

The Lord be with you…

Let us pray as the Lord leads us.



New Wineskins.


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