Aiming for Effectiveness

It was good to hear Water Missions International mentioned in this NPR report  from Haiti–though I wish they had also mentioned WMI’s smaller units as well.

The report highlights ingredients necessary for effective charity and by extension, missions.  We often discuss the need for people and money; we frequently consider the need for technology (whether it is a well for water, affordable housing, or even the right devices for communication).

One additional ingredient is the commitment of time.  One water project in this report is not functional simply for the need to change the batteries–but the sponsoring organization has moved on (or possibly has been disbanded).  To be effective, one must commit upfront to stay engaged for the full amount of time necessary.

This is true with development projects–as well as with evangelism, discipleship and church planting.  We do not finish the race well only by getting off to a good start.  We must make the commitment to stay in the race for the whole time.

Water In The Time Of Cholera: Haitis Most Urgent Health Problem : Shots – Health Blog : NPR.


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