So Much To Learn

I have been hoping to return to Asia even before I left.  Thanks be to God, I have the opportunity to do so this summer.  I will be travelling with a small team studying and learning about two ethnic people groups in maybe four or five towns/cities.  This is in an area that I have not had the opportunity to visit before.  I will not be posting details on the internet–but I do ask your prayers.  I am convinced that God calls His people to exercise their “spiritual muscles” in the task of sharing the good news far and wide, so that both new people come into His joy and hope, and that His people would remain spiritually healthy and strong.  Therefore, I am eager to learn what impact the good news is having among these two people groups–and what I can learn from them by way of bringing home to my community in Florida.

Whenever God sends someone out, He always raises up a team of senders.  My congregation has rallied to support Fr. Benedict Vani in his return to Liberia (he is carrying on an effective ministry at the young age of 80!)–but this short term visit to Asia will be a first for the congregation.  They are both excited to send me and a bit anxious.  I invite you to pray for me and for us as embark on this adventure.  If you would like more details, please contact me directly.


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