Making Plans

Today, I spent time with the team leader for my upcoming trip to Asia.  We discussed itinerary, airlines, hotels, contacts, team members, and money.  It was superbly practical and pragmatic.  Yet woven throughout, was a strong undercurrent of “how do we make the most of this” and “how do we do our part to be good stewards of the resources of money, time, and knowledge that will be employed when we go?”  In the end, I was pumped!  The value of this trip is not to be measured by what else can I do with the money, time and knowledge–but rather, by the worth of the people for whom we go!  It is the same principle by which Jesus himself left heaven to invest 30+ years on earth in preparation for his final engagement, his encounter with satan on the Cross.  Jesus did not die because it was good stewardship of his time and resources vis a vis heaven; it was good stewardship in light of his passionate desire to see us in heaven with him and his Father.  Of course, once he invested himself in us, the doors are open for us to give praise and worship to our Father–and so in the long run, it was shall we say, a good investment.  Likewise, a summer trip may seem to be costly, especially where we will have limited short-term impact.  But the cost of it is to be measured by God’s desire that all peoples come to know him.  And in that regard, I was reminded today that God went out of his way to bring me to saving grace.  I am grateful.

I do ask your prayers for continued wisdom, discretion, and confidence in the Lord as we plan this endeavor,  Thank you,



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