Orality Strategies: C2C

Orality Strategies.

When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I went to a summer church camp where we learned the drama of Scripture in Cabin Three(?)…the door was the “east”, the window to the left was “Egypt”, the window to the right was “the north”, and the window on the back wall was “Rome” in the west.  For five days, we practiced starting at the door, representing at first the Garden of Eden, and walking through the Biblical drama, Creation, Flood, Call of Abram, journey “to the land I will show you”, down to Egypt, through captivity, the return to the Promised Land, the judges, David’s flight from Saul, and ascent to the throne in Jerusalem, the division of north and south, into exile etc.  That was an example of oral learning and it has stuck with me for forty years and counting!

The Orality Movement today aims to provide that learning of the Big Picture of the Biblical Drama–but also to provide specific “scripts” that capture with clarity specific pieces of the Biblical Drama.  This script C2C is one such resource.  Take a look–notice the instructions that point to different ways in which C2C can be used in different learning contexts.


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