International Students

It is still the middle of the summer and for many of us, we are still thinking in terms of vacation.  But now is the time when international students are making their way to the United States (and elsewhere) to prepare for the start of fall classes.  They may be arriving early simply to navigate American culture, or they may be taking early classes to improve their (American) English.  The point of which is to say that now is the time to begin reaching out to students on your local college campus.  Contact the international students office about their friendship program.  Or contact the local staff of International Students (ISI) or Intervarsity (IVCF).  Or, if there is a local ESL program where international students do learn English, go and make a visit.  Remember they want to practice speaking English!

Our local university has students from over 100 countries!  Some are Christians before they arrive here–others are eager to learn about Christianity because they have heard that America is a Christian nation.  Others want to hold on to their religion (or atheism) because that is one of their connections to their home and family.  For each student, it is a joy to simply befriend each and trust God to show us how to share His love with them

So, when will you contact your local university or college?


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