Ramadan 2012: 20 July to 18 August

Every year, many believers intentionally pray during the Muslim season of Ramadan.  I invite you and encourage you to click on this website–and then on to the daily prayer articles–and to pray for the Muslims around the world.

30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World | Christian guides for Ramadan.

One of the exciting observations that has really got my attention recently is that a big part of the growth of the Muslim population in the US over the last ten or fifteen years is specifically due to the American government giving shelter to those Muslims and their families who have assisted our military and authorities in various parts of the world since the first Persian Gulf War.

I am specifically reminded again that God has a way of shaking things up:  after his resurrection Jesus tells the disciples to go to the ends of the earth, but instead they stayed in Jerusalem.  God shook things up, raised up Saul (later to become Paul) who persecuted the Church–at which point the Church finally got on the move and began to move out of Jerusalem to avoid the violence.  And finally they began to be witnesses on the go.

Jesus still expects us to be on the go–locally and to the ends of the earth.  In our generation, God is again shaking things up.  But this time, instead of using persecution at home to push us out of the safety of our nest, God is bringing the nations, including the Muslims, into our nest and country.  Already, many organizations are reporting that more Muslims have become believers in and followers of Jesus in the last fifteen or twenty years than in all of previous history!!

Let’s be still and pray, let’s watch and join in with God as He acts in our world today.


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