Syrias Last Chance | Christianity Today

Interesting to see two Anglicans engaged in seeking peace and reconciliation as mentioned in this article:

Syrias Last Chance | Christianity Today one from Los Angeles, Brian Cox, and one from Syria, Basaam Ishak.

I met Basaam while we studied at Trinity, Ambridge.  He is creative in his outreach, passionate for the Gospel, and bold in his faith.  I met Brian while I was studying at Fuller:  interesting how God weaves the fabric of our lives and the life of the Church catholic.

Please keep these men, and the other individuals mentioned in the article, in your prayers.  These are intriguing times for the Church in the Middle East–the Church in both Syria and Egypt have been lights of hope and persistent witnesses in the midst of Arab politics.  Now as both countries experience political earthquakes, the Church in each is facing the prospect of a new role within society.  Pray that both are faithful and agile in adapting to their new calling as they continue to be witnesses of Jesus Christ in the days to come.


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