Embarking on an Adventure

Next week I return to Asia:  we have been back in the States for seven years already, and so I am curious what this God will do in my life through this trip.  On Sunday, I will preach comparing the Ephesians 3:20, 21 with 2 Samuel 11:  David commits at least three sins including, murder, preceded by adultery, preceded by the greatest of all, the failure to lead as the king anointed by God.  That one sin sets in motion a string of sis, bound together with fear, shame, and sorrow.  On the other hand, Paul says that the Father is at work in us to accomplish more and more, so much so that it surpasses our imaginations.   Faithfulness leads to joy, wonder, and the praise of God.  Our parish is discovering that faithfulness leads to greater opportunity, that faithfulness leads to growth into the fullness of God, and that faithfulness leads to the discovery of much more than we could have at first imagined.  For example, we are a parish that has struggled with money and the fear that we did not have enough.  At the beginning of Lent, we simply announced that our missions team would send two individuals on two trips–one to a consultation and then me to Asia–at an expense of about $5000.  We had NO fundraisers, other than to simply inform and ask the congregation to pray.  As of this week, we have surpassed that amount.  God has provided every dollar needed, together with a team of intercessors to pray each day.  In fact, our parish intercessors will be joined by a team scattered across the country.  Back at home, we will dedicate the new building for our daughter church on Sunday afternoon hours before I get on my plane.  The joy of going to Asia was preceded by the faithfulness in planting that mission church.  One act of faithfulness leads to another, one occasion of God”s work opens the door to the next.  And so, I wonder what God has in store for the trip (please do pray for our team of four over the next two weeks) and beyond.  We are embarking on an adventure of faith!!


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