“Who Is Jesus, Anyway?”

Four years ago, I wrote the first draft of Who Is Jesus, Anyway? an evangelistic series similar in format to Alpha and Christianity Explored.  Tonight I finished the latest edits in time to print copies for the start of our next course on Wednesday.  Unlike Alpha and CE, I have intended Who Is Jesus, Anyway? to assume both a limited understanding of Christianity and even more so, a limited grasp of a Biblical worldview.

Our parish has some twenty countries represented in the membership.  One Hindu woman and her two daughters have come to faith in Jesus Christ in the last year.  One student from China has been baptized on Easter and confirmed this past July. Likewise, several Americans have had a-ha moments, realizing that what they thought was Christian was in fact a religious form of secularism.

As I prepare for Wednesday, I am reminded how careful we must be not to assume that people know what’s in the Bible, what Church is about, or even who is Jesus.  A couple of years ago, one of the young girls in our Sunday School could not answer who was born on Christmas; it was my own a-ha moment realizing that we must assume that every contact begins with little or no formation in the Faith and in a Scriptural understanding of life.

A big piece of Who Is Jesus, Anyway? is a section on worldviews.  Jim Sire’s The Universe Next Door remains the classic on the subject.  Most of us do not examine how worldview assumptions–they are like glasses or contacts lens that we look through.  They work best when we don’t look at the dust or scratches on them.  However, if someone wants to explore a change in life and in faith, they must take the glasses off and examine if they are the right fit.

I will continue to tweak and edit Who Is Jesus, Anyway? praying that the Lord leads and guides the parish into a more fruitful way of evangelism and discipleship.




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