Sombreros & Missions

I am en route to Ambridge, home of New Wineskins Missionary Network and Trinity School for Ministry.  I am going for a board meeting of New Wineskins, and looking forward to also hearing ABCDEF speak at Trinity’s Missions Week.

Right now however, I am in Atlanta waiting for my flight—together with fifteen or twenty young adults all wearing Texas-sized sombreros!  They are on the other side of the room—apparently returning to Pittsburgh from a trip south of the border.  Was it recreational, work, study-abroad, or Christian missions?  I do not know.  But I am enjoying watching them.

They are laughing and talking—clearly experiencing a comraderie and friendship.  Although I do not know their purpose, it is clear that they have a purpose.  The other travelers are mulling about, working on laptops, talking on cellphones, listening to the news, reading the information monitors, etc.  I can guess a few are on business and a few others seem to be visiting family.  Almost all of us are incognito if you will.

But those sombreros say “we have purpose and a reason for being here”.

Tomorrow, as the Board meeting gets underway, I trust and pray that we will have our sombreros on and that our meeting will bear fruit for the work of the Church and the glory of God!


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