Two Opposing Fatwas in the UK and Pakistan

Islamists in the UK have issued a fatwa against Malala Yousafzai, and Scholars in Pakistan have issued a separate fatwa against Malala’s Taliban attackers.

British Islamists to issue fatwa against shot Pakistani girl | Reuters.

Fifty Scholars in Pakistan issue fatwa against attackers of girl | Dawn.

There are many different factors here that invite prayer:  for starters, the safety of a young girl who wants to go to school and the safety of other young girls with a similar dream.  Additionally, note that these two fatwas originate in two different countries–what does that mean for the society of both countries, what does it mean for the relationship of the two countries, and what does it mean for Islam itself?

The concern for prayer that I want to focus on here though is the confidence of the believers in Pakistan and in the United Kingdom.  The voice of a young child has been heard not because she came with the strength of arms but because she came with simplicity and integrity.  The Gospel likewise has power when it is proclaimed with similar simplicity and integrity.  Friends in Pakistan have shared with me in recent years that many of the Muslims in that country who come to faith do so because the arms and the fatwas are tiresome and wearisome, and the hope of the Gospel stands out in contrast.

And here we have two opposing fatwas…might it be that a new season has arrived, that quietly many will ask questions and seek out the Hope?  Let us pray then for both the believers to persevere with quiet resolve and for seekers to find the Savior.



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