Global population is not “soaring”

One of the greatest challenges in ministry and in life is to see the obvious. For most of the time, the obvious is so obvious that people take it for granted and look around it.  Consider the proverbial elephant in the middle of the room–that thing that everyone knows is there, but never mentions.

Justin Long has caught my attention here with drawing attention to one such “obvious” thing–I encounter it frequently in the changing demographics of my church, of my city, and in making decisions about how to vote.  Namely, our whole economic and politic theory, as well as our assumptions about how the Church grows, all  assume that it is obvious that our population is growing and will continue to grow indefinitely.

Take a look at what Justin writes here:

Global population is not “soaring”.

So what it the obvious is just the opposite of what we have always thought was obvious!?  How do we adjust our ministry and life patterns and expectations?  I do not yet know how to respond to this simple and stunning observation, but I am certain that I am in better place to survive and thrive if I do take a fresh look at the obvious and see what it really is.


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