Lahore arson: Christian leaders say residents had been receiving threats | DAWN.COM

Over the weekend, a neighborhood in Lahore, Pakistan saw 200 homes burnt down–all belonging to Christian families, together with at least one Church.  This article seems to get beyond the simple suggestion that it was a matter of a difference in religion between Christian residents and Muslims.  The two men, one a Muslim the other a Christian, accused of starting the whole thing were apparently friends.  Further, the neighboring market wants to expand–could it be that some of the business people were looking for an opportunity to push the Christians out of their neighborhood?

Lahore arson: Christian leaders say residents had been receiving threats | DAWN.COM.

The sad truth is that the authorities, particularly the police, visibly failed to protect the neighborhood–informing people to get out of the way, but doing nothing to stop the violence, and yet stopping the counter-protests on the next day.  That’s an uneven application of justice and authority.

More than two dozen men accused of torching the homes have been arrested.  That is a good start.  Let’s pray however that the courts insist that their trials proceed and that the guilty are held accountable fairly.

Furthermore, let’s pray for the Christians, that their faith in Jesus Christ would remain strong and indeed renewed.  Pray also, that in the face of these troubles, that their response would be a winsome witness to the Muslims and others around them of the peace and strength of Jesus Christ.


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