A Fresh Look at the Church in China

This is a refreshingly helpful article concerning the Church in China and the political movements within China.  In many countries, the political movements are reflected in particular parties–but in China with only one official party, it takes a little extra work to recognize the different “parties” or movements within the Communist Party.  Thomas Harvey and David Ro identify three such movements:  Neo-Liberals, Neo-Leftists, and Neo-Confucianists.  Furthermore, they articulate how each of these three movements respond to the Church.

Current Ideological Trends in China – How Should The Church Respond? | The Lausanne Global Conversation.

Finally, they state their hope that the government of China will be more open to the Church in the next little while.  There are cross-currents that could close that window of opportunity rather quickly, both from outside the Church and from within the Church.

Therefore, the Church Catholic/Universal needs to evaluate the possibilities that exist at the moment and do our part to demonstrate our trustworthiness in this moment to contribute to the good of the city and to the glory of God.


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