Christian Netizens React to the Boston Bombing

Intriguing to see how Chinese believers responded in China to the Boston bombing.

Chinese Church Voices

llzAs news that a Chinese student had been killed in the Boston Marathon bombing broke in China, netizens took to Weibo to react and comment, and Christians joined the conversation. Some of the comments reference other tragic events in the news this week, such as the earthquake in Pakistan, the poisoning of a university student in Shanghai, and the spread of the H7N9 flu virus.

One noted that both the student who died in Shanghai and the one who died in Boston had either attended seeker Bible studies or attended church. They all either call for prayer for the victims families, or urge people to put their trust in Christ.

Here are translations of 8 posts from Weibo this week:

@张牧师-TumenChurch (@Pastor Zhang-TumenChurch)

The Boston Marathon bombing was a horrible and sorrowful sight. Many have died in the 7.8 magnitude quake near border of Iran and Pakistan.  A…

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