Indigenous Mission Movement (IMM) from China

Earlier today, I posted about insider movements–and now this article about an “indigenous mission movement”.  The Church in China has been seeking to raise up missionaries to go both to the minority peoples inside China and to other people groups outside China.  The main discussion has been the Back to Jerusalem movement, which observes that the Faith has largely traveled westward in the last 2000 years.  Thus, it is China’s responsibility to carry the Faith into the middle east (which is west of China!).

Indigenous Mission Movement from China: A Current Assessment.

This article affirms the IMM from China with cautious optimism.  The Back to Jerusalem movement has made bold claims about the number of missionaries being prepared and sent from China.  There is little evidence of those numbers.  However, there is evidence of several developments suggesting that the momentum in the Chinese Church is in fact building towards an effective and sizable missionary movement coming out of China.  Namely, there are a growing number of solid training programs inside China to prepare individuals to go cross-culturally to proclaim the Gospel, combined with networks to facilitate on a pragmatic level the sending of missionaries.  All of this is happening even though China remains cautious of the Church and continues to restrict the Church’s movements.  In short, the finger prints of God are becoming more and more visible in this indigenous mission movement.


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