Fr. Vani in Liberia

Fr. Vani & St Mary’s, Bolahun | Our Savior Palm Bay.


Fr Vani (r) & Dr. Bob (l)

Fr. Vani is 80+ years of age–once a refuge in the United States having fled his home country of Liberia during the Civil War.  He has returned to serve the Lord there.  The pictures and attached letter show the faith and courage of this man.  But even more, after praying for Fr. Vani and his work for nearly five years now, these photos and the letter have given me a much better insight into the work that he is doing–in assisting at St Mary’s (and five other preaching stations), in his relationships with the Holy Cross medical clinic, and in opening his own home to make a home for a number of children.  At 81 or 82.  May the Lord continue to use him to teach, preach, call to conversion and faithfulness, and to love and care for the people of Bolahun.  May the Lord also continue to use him to inspire people like me (and you) who have the comforts and pleasures of being able to sit back at our computers!


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