Perhaps the biggest challenge in the Church today is coming to terms with the fact and reality that we are no longer a Western Church.  This parallels the events in the first centuries, when the Church, having started within the Jewish community, crossed ethnic lines (e.g. in Acts 8 and 10, and again, in chapter 13), and then became a majority Gentile Church.

GAFCON 2013 | News | GAFCON.

The GAFCON conferences in Jerusalem 2008 and in Nairobi later here in 2013 are both evidence of and steps to be taken by the Global South and the whole Church recognizing, affirming and engaging the global south in the leadership of the whole Church, especially within the Anglican Communion.  This is fundamentally and profoundly good news for the life and witness of the Church.

There may be some in the Global South who want to keep the status quo, trusting and allowing the West to provide for them; and certainly there are many in the West who want to be in charge and to take care of our brothers and sisters elsewhere.  But note, that such a relationship does not encourage that the whole Church grow into the full maturity of Christ Jesus (Ephesians 4:13).  To see that maturity does require change, change which is often uncomfortable.

Therefore, the whole Church should undergird GAFCON Nairobi with prayer and intercession, asking God to lead the whole Church forth with power and in humility, with justice and in compassion for those who yet do not know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


One response to “GAFCON 2013

  1. Great post, thank you. I think the strategy of staying within the worldwide Anglican Communion while also being intentional and clear about doctrinal and liturgical specifics is good. I wonder though if the question of Women’s Ordination will not lead to significant divisions. Anyway, keep us updated as you learn more, please.

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