Sending a Son

Click this link: Sending a Son

John reflects on the theme of the Father sending the Son throughout his Gospel; and Jesus himself teaches the disciples that he is sending them as his Father sent him.  These words are taking on a new meaning for me this year.  I have been engaged in missions–praying, sending, training, studying, going, encouraging, etc.–for my whole adult life.  My interest was piqued when I was a child as early as third grade.  And now, I am watching, praying, encouraging, and thanking God that my son David, completing his sophomore year in high school, is now preparing to go to Uganda on his first mission endeavor–that is, his first apart from his parents.  I have not been to Uganda (yet, anyways)–and so, this is new territory for me too.

Please do join me in praying for David, for the team of Ugandan and American youth, and for the schools and clinics that will receive solar power.  Pray also for Church of Our Savior:  this is the first youth going out on a mission trip in many many years.  In God’s economy, we have a member, who is on the national board of the Brotherhood of St Andrew, who is likewise planning a mission trip to Uganda later in the year.  I believe that God is stirring up the fire here–and I am asking God to let it burn brightly.

There’s more to this story, and I look forward to sharing it in due time.  Today, I simply want to thank God for the opportunity for David, and to thank the Lord for stirring up his heart in this time.  God is good…all the time.


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