Singapore missionary heads Anglican Church in Bolivia

The Rev. Raphael Samuel was consecrated Bishop of the Anglican Church in Bolivia on Sunday 12 May.  Raphael is a priest from the Church in South East Asia who has been faithfully serving in Bolivia since 1993.  Today, the news was published in the Singapore paper, The Straits Times:

Singapore missionary heads Anglican Church in Bolivia.

I have enjoyed watching on Facebook the conversation among Singaporeans, Bolivians and a few others celebrating Bishop Raphael and delighting in the way the Singapoan news has covered the story today.  As they say, “It is a small world after all.”

Earlier today, I posted about my friend and former student, Johan Setiawan–and now again, I can celebrate how God is moving in all the Church in all the parts of the world where there is a Church!  The Church does not belong to the West, but to all people among all nations who would claim Jesus as Lord and Savior.

This morning in my own parish, we had upwards of 25 nations represented as we do most Sundays.  It is always a glimpse of the New Jerusalem with all the nations bringing their glory into the Heavenly City.

I am inspired and in awe of God as I read about both of these brothers in Christ: Rafael, a Singaporean sent to Bolivia, and Johan, an Indonesian sent to mobilize others for unreached peoples.  God is indeed fulfilling the promises he has made.  He is claiming the nations, the tribes, the tongues, the peoples of the world, and inviting all to come to the foot of the Cross and into his eternal kingdom.  To him alone be the glory!


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