AFM on Virtue Online

David Virtue has intervened the Rev. Dr. Julian Linnell about Anglican Frontier Missions.  Perhaps the most exciting element of the interview is the glimpse into the opportunity that AFM has had to be part of the international conversation with the Anglican Communion about the least evangelized in the world.

VirtueOnline – News.

Julian Linnell offers this provocative insight:   I certainly accept the need for different faith communities to dialogue to understand each other. When national surveys like the Pew Trust discover Evangelical Christians score less on a quiz about world religions than Mormons, Jews and Atheists, we recognize that the ignorance of other faiths is embarrassingly deep. Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali helped me understand this in his book Mission and Dialogue (1995 SPCK). 

What does it mean to be salt and light in the world, when we do not know or understand the world?  AFM, beginning with the Rev. Tad de Bordenave and continuing with the Rev. Julian Linnell, have promoted a greater and deeper vision for God’s work in the whole of the world.


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