Travels with Tadpole

A Fulani Woman of Nigeria

Tad de Bordenave is on the road again (after taking a long flight first).  Tad is the founder of Anglican Frontier Missions and is now retired.  Retired means that he has a new set of “tires”, and continues to find new opportunities to write, to blog, to travel to Nigeria, and to promote God’s work among the least evangelized.  Here’s his travel blog:

Travels with Tadpole.

Tad inspires me:  God has used him to spark a whole movement within the Nigerian Church to identify ethnic peoples in Nigeria and surrounding countries, who have no access to the Gospel as things stand.  Having identified those peoples, the Church of Nigeria through the independent Anglican Frontiers Mission of Nigeria is raising up workers, evangelists, and church planters to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to these peoples, including the Fulani.

I will be praying for Tad in his travels–I hope you will join me in doing the same.


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