Travels with Tadpole: I have Jesus e-mail address.

Faoud Masri

It is a good thing that God has a sense of humor!  Tad has one, too, as evidenced by the title of this post on his blog:

Travels with Tadpole: I have Jesus e-mail address..

At the recent New Wineskins Conference, the speaker who surprised everyone was Faoud Masri, founder of the Crescent Project.  He disarmed most if not all of the skeptics in the room (there were 750 participants in total) with his engaging style.  More importantly, he made the idea of sharing Jesus with Muslims a very win-able, attractive possibility.

Tad does the same thing here–sharing how Jesus was ready and willing to talk about faith and life.  From the sounds of it, they enjoyed the conversation all the way round.  It is sad that in America, with all of our freedoms, the idea of really discussing faith, life and our different beliefs with Muslims seems nigh impossible–or at least, fraught with difficulties.  Why is that?

Perhaps one reason is that we are afraid we do not have the answers.  If that is the case, then what a great opportunity to learn what the questions are, and then to seek out the truth from our Lord and Savior.  Missions is the Church’s exercise; without exercise, the Church grows flabby and soft.  Therefore, let’s follow Tad’s example and take the opportunities we have to start a conversation.  Let’s see where God takes us.


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