Travels with Tadpole: Home on the range – Fulani Style

Travels with Tadpole: Home on the range - Fulani Style

Travels with Tadpole: Home on the range – Fulani Style.

I am sitting here at Tad’s home having had a great visit this evening and looking forward to attending worship with him in the morning.  If y0u have not checked out his blog recently, it’s time to do so–especially in regard to the Fulani people. of Nigeria.

Why is it so important to remember the least evangelized?

1.  Because God remembers them:  if we want to have the heart of God then we need to let his heart for the Fulani and all the least evangelized shape our own hearts, otherwise we are settling for only a piece of his heart.

2.  Because thinking outside the box with regards to the least evangelized sharpens our perspective with regards to thinking outside the box here at home.  At dinner the five of us talked about youth in the Church, the common complaints, and the creativity of those who are succeeding to reach the next generation.  There is no “youth ministry program” in many countries because the whole  Church are young people–and the most successful efforts among young people here at home do not offer a piece of the Church to the young people (e.g. a program in the other room), but learn to invest the whole Gospel and the wholeness of the Church into the hands of the next generation.

Are you ready to think outside the box?  Take a look at what Tad learned among the Fulani!  Listen to his passion and his vision, and be inspired.  Here the pain of “the troubles”, the terrible pain, and yet the hope of reconciliation and the generosity of God.  It’s powerful.


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