We’re on our way!!

The American members of the Team are in the air en route to London. You can follow Charlene’s blog and get the news direct from Solar Light for Africa’s mission in Uganda.

Charlene Turner

We arrived in DC, ready to depart for Uganda! I am so excited about the team that has come together, and the work we will accomplish together in the next few weeks. We will be installing solar in a maternity clinic, staff houses at a rural hospital, three schools, a maternity home, and a home for handicapped, and orphaned boys.  I think this is a record amount of work for a mission team, we will need lots of prayers to get all of this work finished! It is so exciting to know the difference the light will make in each of these places. The hospital will now be able to attract better staff,  by being able to offer housing with power. Babies will be able to be safely delivered in the middle of the night without the staff having to hold their phones in their mouths, or toxic tadobas burning…

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One response to “We’re on our way!!

  1. from Maria Nichols mnmomo50@gmail.com I am so excited for all of our group, i know your journey will be one with so many accomplishment and rewarding, may god bless all of you and you will be in my prayers. I miss my Rachelle very much. Keep in touch, with love Maria

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