Children’s Ministry: Egypt Style!


1,400 Egyptian Children Gather to Pray – SAT-7.

In the American Church, youth ministry and children’s ministry are often shaped by our entertainment culture to be about having a good time.  In many other parts of the world, youth ministry is church planting and children’s ministry is discipleship.  Both discipleship and church planting can be, maybe even should be fun, rewarding and exciting.  The smiles on some of these children’s faces suggests that indeed the joy of the Lord had filled their hearts and their worship.  And to know that this worship takes place in the context of incredible challenges in Egypt, wherein the temptation is to give in to fear and bitterness, it is inspiring!  I want the children’s ministry and the youth ministry in my Church to have an equally bold vision of God working in and through our youth and children to transform our schools, neighborhoods and community.  Thank you SAT-7 for sharing this encouragement, so that we will pray for Egypt and that we will seek God’s favor in our own cities.


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