Churches Attacked in Egypt (List)

On Facebook, I have linked to a couple of articles in reference to the perspective of Egyptian Christians in the midst of this week’s events in Cairo and wider Egypt.

One of the specific developments is the large number of Churches and ministry buildings that have been attacked, giving credence to the belief that these attacks were planned in advance rather than spontaneous responses to the government’s removal of protesters.

Sectarianism: Post-Sit-in Dispersal | Amira Mikhail.

The attached list coincides with reports that I have seen stating that between 40 and 70 buildings had been attacked and burned.  The list here currently lists 57 church buildings and then a group of institutional buildings, including the homes (which I believe to be homes of clergy and other leaders in the Christian community).

I am reminded of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s struggles with what is the ethical and good thing to do in a time of conflicting evils.  I am challenged therefore to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ:  that they have courage to stand firm in the Faith, that they have wisdom to protect their families, that they have grace to reach out to their neighbors who also are confused by these events, and that they have holiness to do all this amid the normal fears and anxieties of such violence.



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