Optimistic for Egypt!

“Egypt has an encouraging story that is not being told in much of Western media!

When more than 85 Churches and institutions were viciously attacked and burned (a profound blow of disgrace and humiliation in this culture of “honour”), the non-retaliation of Christians was both unexpected and unprecedented.”  So writes Ramez Atallah in his September report for the Bible Society – Egypt.

This is a moment to pause and wonder.  It’s true, that while there have been a few reports in the west of acts of violence in Egypt, there has not been a dissolution into civil war.  If the Western media has commented, it has suggested that the absence of war is the result of the heavy hand of the military.

Is that really the story?  Ramez Atallah certainly invites us to take a look for the hand of God moving among the believers in Egypt and to see that winsome witness of our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Pause, wonder and now praise.  I will give our God, the Almighty One, the praise for his Spirit giving our brothers and sisters the courage and boldness to practice peace and to trust first in God for their future.  To God be the glory.


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