Jim Elliot’s Brother, Bert: The Hero You Don’t Know – Trevin Wax


Jim Elliot’s Brother, Bert: The Hero You Don’t Know – Trevin Wax.

I have enjoyed a leisurely day reading about Thailand, Egypt, and China–the last item on my list is a book review for Michael Kelley’s book, Boring: Finding an Extroardinary God in an Ordinary Life.  It’s got my attention.  I like the theme of steadiness and faithfulness, and of avoiding the envy of those whom God calls to be ‘meteors streaking across the sky’.

The personal hook is Bert Elliot, brother of Jim Elliot.  The title of the article is correct:  I never heard about him until today.  I have a personal connection to Jim Elliot and the others:  the propeller from their airplane hung on the wall in my home when I was an infant–and it has been a teaching object or inspiration again and again in my life.

As I have enjoyed my reading today, some of which I have posted here on my blog, I am rather surprised by how God has introduced me to the world of the missions and the Global Church.  I have not been a successful church planter or an effective trail-blazing missionary.  Yet, the Lord has given me the opportunities to watch others, to encourage a few, and to intercede for their work.

The example of Bert (who planted more than 150 churches in  Peru in his life time!) is therefore inspiring, and worthy of reflection.  When he died in February 2012 at the age of 87 years, he was recognized for his humility and contentment to be God’s servant.


In the end, some of us will be called by God to make a splash, and others of us will be called to be a steady, gentle rain.  Either way, God calls us and uses us–when we let him do so.  Therefore, here am I, Lord, use me…and grant me the steadiness to finish the race, just like Bert.



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