Voting and Dancing in Egypt | Anglican Ink 2014 (c)

Abp Mouneer

Abp Mouneer reports on some of the protections in the new Constitution for Egypt, protections which appear to create viable space for the Church and Christian Community.  This is good news.

He also makes the pointed observation that the majority of Egyptians voted, and in his view, undermined the view that the military action was a take-over or coup.  Rather, his view is that that military enforced the law and protected democracy by removing the Muslim Brotherhood government which was co-opting the democratic form while sabotaging the democratic process.

Voting and Dancing in Egypt | Anglican Ink 2014 (c).

The path forward is far from complete.  If General Sisi stands for election as president and wins, then the military may yet do what it accused the Muslim Brotherhood of doing, subverting the democratic will of the people.

In the meantime, the Church has a new opportunity to proclaim their witness of Jesus Christ.  As the Archbishop observes, many Egyptians are re-evaluating the claims of Islam in light of the political and social turmoils of the last three years.  There is a window of opportunity here, a reason for hope, and a call to action.


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