30 year old fruit

The amazing thing about God’s Word is that it empowers people–or rather I should say, God shapes, transforms, equips, and empowers his people by speaking to them through his own Word. The Bible is the greatest check & balance against cultural insensitivity and worse, even from well-intentioned missionaries. This blog entry gives witness to the power of God’s own Word among the youth of Egypt: they are digging in and listening to God for themselves. Reminds me of the villagers in John 4, who after Jesus spoke with the woman at the well, said that at first they believed because of her, but now they believe because of his word. To God be the glory.

Ramez Atallah


More than thirty years ago I had the privilege of meeting Bishop Moussa, the newly appointed Coptic Bishop for youth in Egypt.

At the time he asked me if I could help with training of Coptic Orthodox youth leaders in inductive Bible study at his office.  What started as a small group of 18 youth leaders developed eventually into the St Timothy Center for Inductive Bible Study which continues until today.

On Saturday I attended a “Day on the Bible” organized by a small church in an inner-city district in Cairo.  The ambitious priest of that church, Father Marcos, has a vision for helping young people interact with the Bible and had planned that day as a way of encouraging people to interact with the Bible creatively.  I was amazed by what I saw!  By the time I got there at 10:30 in the morning about one thousand young…

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