The Jews and the Mission of God

The Rev. Tad deBordenave is blogging his way through Paul from Epiphany to Pentecost. His key turning point is this:

“Attention on Paul highlights several monumental things. But the one thing he would tell us that centralized his life was the message of Ananias after three days of blindness, “Our Lord calls you to be the apostle to the nations.” That is the starting point of any faithful study of Paul and that is the benchmark for his life, writings, and ministry.”

This is one more example of how missions is the main paradigm of Scripture, rather than a program to add to a busy congregation’s calendar. As a parish priest, this is huge. If missions is the add-on, then I really should invest most of my time and energy in other things–but if missions is the operative paradigm of Scripture, then I should be asking of every ministry in the parish and on my calendar, ‘how does this advance the missionary adventure, or how is this informed by the same missionary adventure?”


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