Navigating the Cultural Minefield – Harvard Business Review

  I am always looking for resources for understanding and interpreting culture and cultures.  Sometimes the resources come from anthropology or sociology; sometimes from comparative religions and worldviews.  This article and the corresponding Cultural Map come from the world of business.

Navigating the Cultural Minefield – Harvard Business Review.

The Cultural Map explores eight factors specific to management and the business environment:  1) Communicating, 2) Evaluating, 3) Persuading, 4) Leading, 5) Deciding, 6) Trusting, 7) Disagreeing, and 8) Scheduling.

The same eight factors apply to other areas of cross-cultural relationships and work.  In fact, I can see applications both for my international travel and for my ministry in a multi-ethnic, multi-national congregation here at home.

One area that I find myself praying about a lot that is not explicitly discussed in this article, is applying these eight management skills across the spectrum of age.  I find that I lead and persuade differently than I do with seniors.  Sometimes, I am able to read the map–sometimes, I am still learning to do so.  The point is, I am glad to have another resource to draw from.


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