Church Planting Movements in Video


This video by Act Beyond lays out the simple vision for planting the seed of the Gospel in fertile soils, where it can spread effectively and vibrantly.  As I pray for various efforts around the world, I hope to see such a strategy bear fruit.  One of the truths about CPM’s is that they are not the result of strategies and planning alone.  There are many workers who are following the same principles and priorities without seeing the breakthrough that happens in CPMs.  Sometimes there is a spiritual dynamic that must be identified and addressed–other times it may be that the worker has unknowingly come up against cultural.  I remember a friend sharing how a Hindu background believer was on the one hand being welcomed by his Muslim neighbors in the fields, but on the other hand  the neighbors were refusing invitations to share food in the evenings.  My friend recommended to the Hindu background believer to change the time of his daily shower.  Doors were literally opened to him after that.

Home – Act Beyond.

The joy of the CPM approach is that it invests the authority of the Scriptures into the hands of the new believers.  This runs contrary to our strategies of Bible Schools and Seminaries:  and it is very effective.  That raises the pertinent questions of course–are we investing spiritual authority into the hands and lives of the members of our Churches?  Are we training our people to read the Scriptures and apply God’s Word to their lives directly?  More broadly, what might we learn from CPM’s that should influence our ministry at home?


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