First things first, I am a sinner saved by the generosity of God in Christ Jesus and adopted as a son of the Father and sealed with His Holy Spirit.

I am a husband and a dad, who enjoys baking cheesecakes, eating spicing foods, studying taekwondo, and trying new adventures.  I love to laugh–but am told that my jokes need a bit of improvement.

Today I serve as a priest in a parish with members from more than 20 countries.  We are Anglicans in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, confident in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and learning to be bold and creative in our witness in the community and world.  We have partnerships and projects in Liberia, China, Honduras, Haiti, and Uganda.

God first called me to study the global church and missions in the 1980’s focusing first on China, and expanding my circle of interest ever since.  We lived and served in Singapore, with responsibilities also in Laos and with partners in other Asian countries.  Our sending agency was Anglican Frontiers.  I serve on the Board of New Wineskins, the leading Anglican-Episcopal ministry in the US introducing individuals, churches and agencies to each other for the cause of cross-cultural missions.

I wrote the book, Engaging the Adventure, as a basic manual for churches and those interested in going into cross-cultural ministry.  It includes a biblical basis for missions, an overview of the world today, a look at major religious movements in the world, and a call to focus on the least evangelized–those who have no access to the Gospel in their own heart language and culture.  Copies of the book are available from Kudos Press (


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