Anglican Missions

Two facts worth noting:

1.  The Anglican Communion has planted indigenous churches in as many cultures as any other Christian tradition.

2.  The formal name of the historic branch of Anglicanism in the United States is the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church of America.

And a third:

3.  In the Nicene Creed, said weekly in worship, the Church is affirmed as “apostolic”.  The first definition of which is that which refers to having been sent out.  That is the same definition for the word “missionary”!


Anglican Christianity has historically been and is today in the Global Church, a biblical, evangelical, and missions-hearted community.  I rejoice that since the 1970’s a great number of organizations within The Episcopal Church, and now the Anglican Communion of North America and the Anglican Mission have blossomed to promote, support, and implement a renewed interest in cross-cultural missions and partnership with the Global Church.

In this blog and elsewhere, I will do my part to encourage all Anglicans, who know the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection, to engage in the adventure of a missionary faith.  Jesus, Himself, is perhaps the greatest missionary–having left the comforts of heaven to walk the dusty roads of Judea and Galilee, to sample the local fish, bread, and more, and to communicate the love and grace of His Father.  To be a believer and follower of Jesus is to have our own hearts shaped by His love for others and His missionary zeal.

No doubt, there are questions aplenty within the Anglican Communion these days.  Some involve discerning false teaching and devotion, while others involve seeking out the best ways to glorify Jesus Christ in the world today–among secular peoples in the west, among the various different Muslim peoples around the world, among Buddhists and Hindus in Asia, among the young facing a host of options in the ever expanding worlds of computers and global entertainment.

Our focus must therefore keep those outside the Church, and especially those outside the current reach of the Church, in view.  With the call to be generous with the Gospel as our starting place, the other Church matters will fall into perspective.   Onward then, to engage the adventure.


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